1 session 1 week sports with EMSLİM ...

1 session 1 week sports with EMSLİM ...

HI-EMT Technology focused muscle development system ...

Non-surgical butt lifting, tightening, abdominal muscle development and fat burning will be your most effective help!

EMSLIM is the HI-EMT system, which allows you to do intense exercise by running your muscles more than 20,000 times in just 30 minutes of treatment. With this inactive exercise, you can increase muscle fat and increase fat burning!

Clinical tests show that with the EMSLIM application, the body's muscle mass is increased by up to 18% and fat is lost by up to 21%.

The energy penetrates deep muscle tissue, activates the muscles intensively and activates the muscles with preset parameters for different body types. Moved muscles increase blood circulation and burn calories. It also helps to increase muscle ratio while burning fat.

On the basis of problems such as "I cannot lose weight or lose weight slowly mama; failure or slow functioning of hormones, anemia, iron deficiency, insulin resistance, stress, metabolic disorders and so on. problems may take place. However, the priority in the weight loss process is 'to increase muscle mass and accelerate fat burning'. EMSLİM aims to pass this process in the fastest and most efficient way.

HI-EMT - High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy

HI-EMT is the technology used in the field of aesthetic medicine. HI-EMT is a non-invasive technology for strengthening and restructuring muscles through the interaction of magnetic field with the patient's tissue.

HI-EMT provides optimal results by delivering stable energy to the targeted muscle group, adjusted to the target muscle group. Visibly muscle mass growth and fat burning increase are detected.

Unique Cooling System ...

Another important feature of EMSLIM is the use of a quoted applicator in the cooling system. The patented protected water cooling system inside the applicator provides durability for a very long time. Specially designed applicators can be fully operated for 24 hours, providing stable and intensive stimulation to the treated area.


Operation Mode:

I. 5 body parts for male
II. 5 body zone for female
III. Female - Male adjustable program

Program Options:

I. Abdominal muscles
II. Shoulder and arms
III. Butt lifting
IV. Front leg muscles
V. Back Leg Muscles

and we offer EMSLİM technology with various application options.