Arm Lift (Brakioplasty)

Ageing, weight gain and loss, and genetic predisposition may result in sagging in the upper arms . Vaser liposuction remove the fat and help to tighten the arms skin and make them slimmer.

But, if the sagging is too much, arm lift surgery is ideal. Hanging skin from the underarm is excised, remaining tissues are sutured and the upper arm is reshaped. Altgough the scar is hidden on the inside of the arm, it is only recommended for the patients with advanced deformity and sagging. The patients should be in hospital in the morning of operation day for blood tests. The patients stay in hospital one night after surgery. A corset should be worn for 6 weeks after operation.

How does brachioplasty (arm lift) work?

Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure which usually requires the administration of a general anaesthetic. This means that potential candidates for an arm lift need to prepare properly and heed advice from their surgeon regarding diet and medication in the run up to the procedure. In some cases, professional advice may suggest that certain people should avoid the surgery such as heavy smokers, those with wound-healing issues and people prone to weight fluctuations.

If you are accepted, the surgery will include the following steps:

1. Anaesthesia
Your surgeon will apply either a local anaesthetic to numb the target region or a general anaesthetic.

2. Placement of incisions
A series of incisions will then be made under the arms being treated, cutting as little as possible to avoid excessive scarring.

3. Removal of fat and skin
Next, the surgeon will remove enough fat and skin to ensure the right cosmetic results. Fat removal is precisely calibrated before the procedure and is carried out via liposuction. Skin is surgically cut until there is no excess and the desired contours have been achieved.

4. Closure of incisions
The skin will then be fixed in place via stitches, and the incision wounds will be sealed and dressed. A drain may be put in place for a short period to ensure that excess fluid is drained properly.

In many cases, this process will be repeated for the other arm, and you would be cleared for discharge the next day.

Are there different types of brachioplasty?

The description above is a general outline of most brachioplasty (arm lift) procedures, but there are actually a few different types of upper arm contouring surgery, so the precise set of steps may differ between patients.

The most common procedure is known as limited brachioplasty and resembles the process outlined above. If less skin needs to be removed, a short-scar brachioplasty may be preferred as it requires a smaller incision that results in a smaller scar.

In some cases, much more skin and fat may need to be removed. In these instances, an extended brachioplasty will be advisable. In these procedures, incisions stretch from the armpits down the upper arm and a short distance down the side of the torso. These incisions allow surgeons to reshape the circumference of both the upper and lower arms and to remove any excess skin around the chest. Larger scars tend to result from this. There is also an even more extensive procedure known as an L-brachioplasty which involves longer incisions and is reserved for the most serious cases.

You will be picked up on the scheduled date and at your estimated arrival time from the airport. You will be placed to your chosen hotel by our transfer staff. After Pre-op examination is performed and blood tests. Arm lift Surgery on the same day or next day. (Depend to the plane departure time). The patient stay at hospital for 1 day. Post-op checks at the hospital. Discharged on the 3th day. 24/7 controlled by our assistant.


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