Facial care with innofacial...

imaj-----------Facial care with innofacial hydradermabrasion device is now much more effective and deep cleaning on your skin.

In facials with hydradermabrasion, it is now easier to get rid of greases from black spots.

Botox in acne treatment...

imaj-----------Botox application in acne treatment:

Botulinum toxin, obtained from Clostridium botulinum bacteria, is often used in plastic surgeries to reduce wrinkles of periorbital area, glabella and forehead , and excessive sweating problems.


Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic Istanbul

Clinic Anka is a private practice of two female plastic surgeons in Istanbul. The surgeons who have European Board of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Certification have been worked as a member of the team that successfully carried out the first face, arm and womb transplants in Turkey.

Now they are working on reconstructive operations such as scar treatment, stem cell treatments, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, hair transplant and aesthetic operations such as rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, body contouring. Besides, Clinic Anka serves in the field of medical aesthetics with the best beauty experts.

The main understanding of Clinic Anka is to provide natural look. Today no one wants a plastic appearence that looks obviously “done.” and this is a rising trend throughout the world.

Clinic Anka aims to give you looking your well-rested, refreshed version of yourselves, not like someone else. It is possible to enhance your own features and look better without looking overdone.