Face and Neck Lift

With aging process, gravity effect and sun damage ; some changes in the face area are occured. Sagging on the cheeks and neck area shows person older, tired and unhappy. Facelift surgery which performed after forties takes the sagging to its old place, remove the excess skin and provide a younger look.

Mild signs of aging can be treated with non-surgical techniques. However facelift surgery is needed to correct advanced sagging.

Surgical incision starts from the temporal region in the hair, descends from the front of ear and turns behind to the ear under earlobe. It is hidden in the skin creases in front of the air. In the operation, excess skin tissue is removed and connective tissue containing the mimic muscles under the skin (SMAS) is stretched with sutures to restore the lost tension. If it is necessary, liposuction is made to the neck area. All incisions are closed with fine sutures. The surgery takes between 3 and 5 hours in normal conditions.

After surgery, the patient use a light pressure dressing or bandage. A slight pain which can be controlled with painkillers may occur after facelift surgery. Swelling and sometimes bruises may occur in the facial area and in eyelids. The drains placed in the surgery are removed after 24-48 hours. After staying in the hospital for 1-2 days, the dressing is removed and patient is discharged, face mask or corset is worn for 1 or 2 weeks. Sutures heal spontaneously in 7 days. There is no need to remove the sutures. The person can return work and social life approximately after 10 days. The incision lines hidden in the skin creases can be closed by makeup in the early period and in time they will fade away and become unclear.

Bleeding, hematoma, necrosis in the skin, scar formation, loss of sensation, temporary or permanent mimic loss due to damage of facial nerve are the risks of face lift surgery.

Face lift operation is a permanent and effective procedure that gives very good results to patients with a prominent sagging who wants young appearance.

Premium Package

You will be picked up on the scheduled date and at your estimated arrival time from the airport. You will be placed to your chosen hotel by our transfer staff. After Pre-op examination is performed and blood tests. Facelift Surgery on the same day or next day. (Depend to the plane departure time). The patient stays at hospital for 1 day. The drainage tube is removed the next day. Post-op checks at the hospital. Discharged on the 3th day.

Transfer from your hotel to airport for departure.


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